Mike Hardisty - It's Time To Say Goodbye 10:51am, 7 February 2011
Has anyone read the latest manual from DPHDR5. Oscar recommends using JPEG's instead of RAW for HDR which is sort of like heresy for most HDR practicioners.

To quote....

"Writing this chapter may probably get us on the black list of some HDR purists but we spent a considerable time thinking about this issue and also did many experiments with different settings and our conclusion (however contrarian to the common opinion it may be) is:

Most of the users should use multiple JPG files instead of multiple RAW files for the best HDR and Fusion quality".
Pepeketua 7 years ago
It would be interesting to know Oscar's arguments on that.

Although, I agree to some degree, if you have well covered the dynamic range of the scene, you would have as much information with Jpg than with Raw. But if you haven't, the Raw would contain about 1 extra EV.

I usually convert my RAWs to Tiff then open them in DPHDR, I don't know if there is any point compared to Jpg but I'm used to it.

I wouldn't open my RAWs directly in DPHDR as I want to change the Picture Style and WB prior to tone mapping.
If you download version 5, the manual has a chapter with the argument for using JPEG's instead of RAW. It goes against everything I have always thought but does makes sense. Oscar also makes a short reference to using JPEG's on the forum as well but you have to read the manual.

He must truly believe it because I have been testing the latest version, (downloaded this morning), with RAW Files. I got a message suggesting I use JPEG's instead of RAW's to take advantage of best processing
Pepeketua 7 years ago
I see. Well, I'd like to upgrade to v5 but it's not available for Mac :( I'll probably get the Win one on crossover...

Well, I'll read that bit when I get the v5 and I understand that Jpg processing has some advantages but as I said, technically speaking RAWs contain slightly more DR than Jpg which can be useful if you haven't covered the whole DR. Now I wonder if Tiff does too because if not, there is no point for me to use huge Tiff files.
Björn Burton 7 years ago
Well being that HDR is as much to do with post processing then in camera work i will say RAW by far is the better choice over jpeg. Raw will allow you to adjust everything from (wb,expo,color,sharpness,ca, distortion,ect) in a much controlled fashion. If you truely want professional well controlled HDR Raw is the better option.
Harald Gjerholm 5 years ago
I have both Photomatix and Dynamic Photo HDR5. My experience is that RAW files work best with PM and JPEGs best with DPHDR5. It seems to me that RAW files create more noise in the HDR5. Other people using this system in Norway also prefer to use JPEG.
I can only say that I see what I see.
Hope you understand what I try to say.
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