ALGREGOIRE PRO 11:53pm, 5 February 2011
so i've got the trail version of dynamic photo HDR...i just recently noticed when resizing an image in photoshop that the size of the image drops quite a original file is 36X54in...then after i combine the shots in DPHDR it outputs an image that is about 8X12...when i click on the image in photoshop though, and zoom at 30%, or 50% it gives the same look as the original image...anyone know what causes this? is it because i've only got the trial version?...i'm curious if it will affect me printing larger sized images (20X30)

Pepeketua 7 years ago
Hmm, I haven't really used the trial version but I haven't got such problem with the full version. Combined images are roughly the same size than the originals.
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