DPHDR version 5

Pepeketua 8:53am, 22 December 2010
Anyone tried the new version?

Is the fusion part any good to get realistic but dramatic images?

I'll probably upgrade but just to know.
I had a quick go with it. It's ok but as I never use exposure fusion I don't think I'll bother upgrading.

To be honest I've started using HDR Expose from Unified Color
Pepeketua 8 years ago
Anything you prefer with HDR Expose?
I've tried the trial but wasn't convinced. Found the interface very slow to respond.
spelec.anton 7 years ago
The fusion gives what was missing in the previous tonemappers if you want a striking photo that still looks like a photography and doesnt scream HDR.
What is really good on the fusion is that the antighosting is far better without any hint of ghosts on the result so the photo does indeed look very realistic. I will post some pictures as time permit.
morebragg PRO 7 years ago
now 5 .2 version out
Pepeketua 7 years ago
Cool, thanks!
I still haven't upgraded... was going to but the Mac v5 is not out... dunno if it will ever be. I'll have to look at emulating the Win version which is a pain... oh well.
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