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DPHDR Workflow

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G. Akins says:

I'd like to hear from members of the group about their workflow with DPHDR. I'm most interested in what operations, if any, you perform on the RAW files BEFORE importing them into DPHDR.

Here is my process:

Copy raw and JPGS to disk.
Browse JPGs for candidates to process
Chose candidates and copy the raw files into DPHDR
Save the resulting file as a TIF and post process as necessary in Gimp.

What can/should I be doing with the raw files before import?

Thanks for your replies.....

8:00PM, 10 October 2010 PDT (permalink)

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secretsamba is a group administrator secretsamba says:

The only thing I do is check the white balance for my raw files to make sure I have good colors to start with and I sometimes have the white balance on auto when I shoot so I nead to make sure I have the same values for all the shots.

Other then that, it's pretty much the same thing for me except that I crop at the very end, with the resulting hdr, except if there are some very strong highlights that I know I don't want in the resulting hdr.
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Pepeketua says:

It depends on what settings you used when shooting the RAWs although importing RAWs in DPHDR, it probably overrides the camera settings.

Personnaly, I check the White Balance, Picture Style, arrange the image a bit so it looks nice one the screen (contrast, saturation, etc...) then I convert to TIFF so it keeps my changes when I open the TIFF in DPHDR.

Then, I export to TIFF again and post process in CS and Lightroom.
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