blueman12 11:03pm, 23 August 2010
Need help - I am new to the software Dynamic-Photo HDR.

I appreciate this program to make nice HDR pictures.

The only thing that i have not again a response is this:

after making a HDR ant tone-maping, i loose my EXIF data.

Please how to preserve my EXIF data.

On flickr, when people click on my EXIF, none appears.

Thank for your help.
SierPinskiA PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by SierPinskiA (member) 8 years ago
All my images made with Dynamic Photo HDR still have all their exif date with them. If people are clicking on Flickr and the exif data is not showing this means you have the settings on Flickr set so they are not visible. If you want them to be visible to visitors you need to change your Flickr settings via your account in exif security settings.
Pepeketua 8 years ago
Might depend on the version you're using. I don't think mine does keep the EXIF. I'm on Mac with v4.3 I think (got problems updating).
SierPinskiA PRO 8 years ago
My version is 4.8 - so yes it may be the version.
secretsamba 8 years ago
You can easily reinsert it in your new hdr image.

Open the original unprocessed 0ev (or closest) image in photoshop, create a new layer on top of the image, open your hdr image, select all then copy, paste in the top layer you just created in your original image. Now when you do a "Save as", all the original exif data will be there.
Pepeketua 8 years ago
Nice trick, never thought of that :)
blueman12 8 years ago
I dont have Photoshop. I will try with PaintShop Pro X2.
Thank you all for your suggestions.
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