G. Akins 4:05am, 7 August 2009
Hi all,
[edit -- I changed the subject line hoping to get some replies. Any helpful suggestions appreciated]

I've been experimenting with HDR for a few weeks now and have had some decent success with Qtpfsgui. I decide to try out DPHDR and Photomatix and so far like DPHDR very much. I seem to get better results with it.

Here's a shot I've just finished:

ZR1 Wheel by G. Akins

I think it looks pretty good, BUT... the full sized jpg has a lot of noise (red specks) when viewed actual size. Here is a small snippet from the full sized image:


I've noticed this in several DPHDR images I've done. I've managed to get rid of a lot of it with the noise reduction in the editor, but i can't seem to get rid of it all. In a couple cases it was even evident in the reduced sized images.

Am I doing something wrong? I can process the same picture in Qtpfsgui and not have the problem. Same with Photomatix. I'd like to go ahead and spring for the license, but I'm concerned this would show on a really large print.

G. Akins 9 years ago
[¯Ô¯] Sherweld 9 years ago
Same thing here, but only with RAW out of a Canon 50D. No problem with JPG.
"Dust removal" seems to help. Cropped pic shows worst display in dark green shadow areas.
LakeView cropped by [¯Ô¯] Sherweld
G. Akins 9 years ago
Well that's depressing as I also have a 50D. I don't seem to have the same problem with Qtpfsgui or with my demo of Photomatix. My issues are usually in the dark green or nearly black areas as well.

Have you tired the smaller raw file option on your Canon? Wonder if that might help. Maybe I'll give that a try.

I like the program a lot; especially the alignment features as I often shoot HDRs hand held.

Thank you for your reply. I'll follow up to this thread if I learn anything new.

Gary Simmons 9 years ago
There is a radio button which will fix this, but it has some wierd name that you wouldn't think is related to the problem... I don't have the program here, but I'll find it tonight and post it.

There is definitely a fix!
G. Akins 9 years ago
Gary... that's great news!

I have two or three nice shots that I just haven't been able to get done because of this.
Gary Simmons 9 years ago
Ok, when you start a new HDR project, you do File-Create new HDRI. On that next screen, there is a radio box for "RAW Processing Options". If I choose "No Pre-Processing" then things look great.

If I choose "Use Camera Curves" then the red specs are all over everything.

In an earlier update, these two options had different names, but that is the box to play with.

Let us know if that helps!
[¯Ô¯] Sherweld 9 years ago
Thanks for the quick update Gary ....
My current version DPHDR 4.5 shows 3 RAW processing options

Auto Developer
Zero Processing
Camera Curves

based on a test of problem 3 exposure set, the results;
Auto = poor .... with numerous red dots (as previously noted)
Zero = Excellent ....... not a stray red dot to be found
Camera = Very poor ...... worst of all with a flood of relatively large reds

You da man ..... now I like this program even more,
thanks again
Gary Simmons 9 years ago
I'm still running 4.31. This guy updates the program faster than I can use it!

Glad to hear it helped!
G. Akins 9 years ago
Gary - Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wow, as simple as that. I feel like an idiot for not trying that sooner.

I just checked one of the images that had given me trouble and it looks great.. Like Sherweld says, "... not a stray dot to be found".

My buyers remorse has completely faded!

Thanks again... I hope this helps someone else.

GA (I'm Gary also, BTW)
David Morton Posted 9 years ago. Edited by David Morton (member) 9 years ago
Excellent - I was wondering why I was much less happy with my results (using v4.5) than I used to be - I just checked "Zero Processing" and reprocessed an image I was struggling with lots of noise on and now its lovely!

Not sure what these options are meant to be doing, but "turn them off" is best for me!!!

(and in case the developer is looking; I'm processing Canon CR2 RAW files from a 450D)
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