tbower PRO 11:51am, 1 August 2009
I've been a dedicated PhotomatixPro user for a few years now. I decided to try DPHDR based on a few examples I've seen from some of my contacts.

I find the control you have over alignment and just how much "overcook" or "undercook" in DPHDR is far superior to PhotomatixPro. Also, the user interface is much more elegant and intuitive. DPHDR seems to me to be a more sophisticated HDR program.

So, after using the trial version for a while I coughed up the $55 (a fair price, I believe).

secretsamba 9 years ago
Welcome to the gang!
bright health [deleted] 9 years ago
I used to demos of both Photomatix and Dynamic and found DPHDR to be a better program for the $. I love it!!
tbower PRO 9 years ago

I also discovered to my pleasant surprise that DPHDR does RAW (NEF in my case) very nicely.

CORDAN 9 years ago
It is a fair price for this full featured program. It has so many little surprises. Great product.
tbegor 9 years ago
I really like DPHDR.I've tried Photomatix and Artizen, but I find DPHDR to be very intuitive (and being new to this I love that) and I can go for a dramatic effect or a more natural one much much easier than the other two. I'm hooked! :-)
Fernbrook 9 years ago
Inspired by the images in the stream, and grateful for the help and advice that I have received from members of this Group, I have just updated my Trial Version to the Full Version.
pareeerica PRO 9 years ago
I've just joined. Looks like a great group.

I use Dynamic Photo, then some Photoshop CS3 Extended processing as well.

If it's not OK to submit images using both software, please let me know, thanks :))
foje64 PRO 9 years ago
Just joined the group and I’m just a beginner at HDR too. Bought my first DSLR camera a week ago, a Canon EOS 500D, and decided to try out HDR. Tried demo versions of Photomatrix, Artizen and Dynamic but liked DPHDR the best and upgraded to full version. Making some progress but still got a lot to learn. It’s easy to get addicted to HDR! :-)
Darren Woodhouse PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Darren Woodhouse (member) 8 years ago
Hi just joined this group,I've been messing with HDR for about 6 months now and i've tried photomatix pro which i thought was really good until i tried DPHDR & and i found it to be so much better than photomatix pro I'm gonna stick with DPHDR from now on , i bought my first DSLR about 4 months ago but i owned 3 film SLR's back in the 80's however for reasons i wont go into i gave up photography after about 3 years....
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