tkrphoto 1:10am, 22 April 2009
I wrote a FAQ for HDR Photography... geared more towards beginners but there is something in there for everyone. Take a peek. If something isn't clear or you have other questions that you want me to butcher just leave it there and I will get on it.

HDR Photography FAQ
Fernbrook 9 years ago
Is there any way this could be made a *sticky item * and remain at the top of the discussion list? As a complete novice to HDR I personnally found it extremely useful and am sure other necomers would too.
tbegor 9 years ago
I would like that too. I saw it when I first joined, but then forgot about it. It is helpful!
Fernbrook 9 years ago
On that FAQ site there are also given coupons to allow a discount when purchasing some HDR software....does anyone know if there is a coupon available for Dynamic HDR ?
karan vir singh 9 years ago
from where we can download this software i.e hdr
tbegor 9 years ago
Fernbrook, I don't know of any coupons for a discount on Dynamic Photo HDR. Maybe someone else does. can download a free trial version of Dynamic Photo HDR HERE
CORDAN 9 years ago
Thank you very much for this!
Photo-Sensitive Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Photo-Sensitive (member) 8 years ago
@tkrphoto I was just wondering why you use so many exposures, sometimes nine or even twelve. I understand the need to have the larger range, ie -4 to +4 on occasion, but why the 1ev seems like there would be a lot of redundant information. Wouldn't a 2ev spread cover it? Maybe you have just achieved better results this way, I have just heard most people say that the fewer exposures the better (so long as the dynamic range is covered appropriately) so as to minimize ghosting, camera blur, etc.
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