tidy doctor [deleted] 2:01am, 22 March 2009
I feel like a cheat.
I've posted here and yet I've only used Dynamic-photo HDR in the photo enhance mode.
Is this ok?
I mean it takes a fairly shit pic and puts so much oomph into it that it's difficult say,no I didn't take that good photo; I took a crap photo and pushed it through a piece of software and came up with this "shot".
For example, I've got shots that have nearly no cloud in them, push them through Dynamic-photo HDR and hey presto there's a glorious charcoal bottomed cloud base that you would kill for. This has got to be fiddling on a grand scale. But then photography has always been a big lie. The camera cannot lie but the photographer can.
cosmosvortex_2006 9 years ago
Its not cheating, however I have looked over your shots.
I'd suggest, and I mean this in a kind way ok...
that you learn more of the software and HDR ideas.

Many of your shots are very over blown, not that ,that is bad....just all kind of look the same...

I'm always trying different ways to do mine.

Feel free to have a look.
tidy doctor [deleted] 9 years ago
Balls; my shots are crap (boring, samey and dull) and you're too kind to say so.

I'm off for a rethink about HDR and life in general.
cosmosvortex_2006 9 years ago
Oh now don't take it like that.
Many of your shots could be great.
Tone down the hard push.
Do your best to use multiple shots and use a tripod wherever you can.

Be aware that no one piece of software can do the job and some after processing is almost always needed.

My average shot takes me 2-10 hours of work before I call it good.
NONE of my HDR can I call great....but I do think I have some good ones.

There are many on Flickr here who are more than willing to answer questions.....trust me I've asked and received lots of help.
Pepeketua 9 years ago
Well, it takes a bit of practice to make good photos with HDR software. I remember my first ones, many of them I didn't even dare posting on Flickr.

For example this one is way to dark:
Clouds Over The Estuary

But after a couple of years, I managed to improve and get decent results like this one (and it's a single raw!):
Divine Light @ San Marco
AviDigital PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by AviDigital (member) 9 years ago
I've noticed the DPHDR does miracles with clouds. People are impressed with my clouds. Have they seen the RAW original they might have puked...

If the image is "believable" than it's not a cheat...
tidy doctor [deleted] 9 years ago
I think my problem is that I'm new to this game and a bit astonished by the effects possible.

I do think that many of the images in this group are not "believable" and this may be no bad thing. Unbelievable is the way to believable ....

I'll keep trying and maybe post later.
cosmosvortex_2006 9 years ago
Now that's what we want to hear!
I look forward to what you come up with.
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