peak_scan 9:05pm, 23 October 2008
I have just bought Dynamic-Photo HDR as I foulnd the trial version easy to use. I assumed the paid for version would allow me to use Save As to save a JPG or TIF file. But it does not - the program only allows me to save in one of 2 HDR formats. I downloaded a program converter, RealConverter, which is supposed to convert HDR's to JPG, but it does not recognise the Dynamic-Photo file. Sorry if there is an obvious answer, but I cannot find a thread here or on the Dynamic Photo site and feel I have been ripped off.
edwin.donnelly Posted 10 years ago. Edited by edwin.donnelly (member) 10 years ago
Well, there are really two different things. One is the HDR file itself. By definition really this file has too much information in it for it to be stored as a jpg or a tiff (basically the "high" of high dynamic range means that there are more bits of information at each pixel than the 8 that jpg and tiffs typically store). This is basically the file you make when you combine a series of images obtained at different exposure values. It's your super file, and has to be stored in some specialized format.

Now, nobody can look at all of those different bits of leveling at once, and even if you could your monitor wouldn't be able to display it. That's where the tone-mapping comes in. Tone mapping is the second step in this whole process where, through a series of different possible algorithms, your super file is squeezed into 8 bits, which can be displayed and seen. Some tone maps just squish all that info together, while others do wild things with it. Anyway, it's the tone-map image that you save as a jpg, tiff, 16-bit tiff or whatever, and the program will have you do that when you hit the "process" button on the tone-mapping window. A save-as window should then appear.
spelec.anton 10 years ago
Man, you need to tonemap that HDR image! (Hint: Big button that says Tone -Map)
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