olympus em1.paul 8:02am, 9 October 2008
hi all how are you,i just would like to know what people do with this good programme...do you put in one shot of do you use more than one ???
cosmosvortex_2006 10 years ago
I try to make sure and use at least 3
BiloxiSean 10 years ago
Sometimes 1 RAW, sometimes Bracket, Sometimes 1 RAW made into 3 or 5 pictures.
Geoff in Worthing, UK 10 years ago
There's no substitute for at least three raws - many HDR addicts would say seven or nine exposures.
matijapavlic Posted 10 years ago. Edited by matijapavlic (member) 10 years ago
more iz better :-)
minimum 3 raw but if you have only one raw, you can make 3 or 5 tiff-s
magical push [deleted] 10 years ago
I used to use DPHDR to tonemap single RAW files by saving TIFFs under and over the correct exposure. Honestly though, Adobe Camera Raw will give you better results (color accuracy) and is quicker as well. HDR programs are best at multiple exposure work, IMHO.
Morgennebel 10 years ago
The question is a little bit silly (sorry :)).

When using RAW, you have high dynamic range - a single RAW is therefore fine enough for Dynamic HTML.

When using JPEG, you need multiple exposures to get the same or (!) better dynamic range depending on ELV levels and number of shots. So at least 3, better 5, 7 or 9 JPEGs.

But - when doing 7 or 9 pictures, you will find things moving around, like clouds, light beams, shadows etc. which will make your HDRs fuzzy and blurred. This happens frequently during low light shots with long exposures and pre-mirror delay.

So the question for me is: either 1 RAW or 5 or 7 JPEGs.

And the answer depends on your subject and light environment.
magical push [deleted] 10 years ago
It is true that a RAW file has more dynamic range potential than a lowly Jpeg. Still, many scenes are in excess of a modern dSLRs sensor range and require multiple exposures to catch both the highlights and shadows witout clipping data, even when shooting RAW.
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