Mike Hardisty - It's Time To Say Goodbye 10:52am, 13 September 2008
Oscar has released version 3.42 of DPHDR which was to correct a problem when tone mapping Olympus RAW files. The new release appears to be generating a lot of noise when I process DNG RAW files from the Samsung GX-10 and someone else has said they are having problems with Olympus RAW files.

Has anyone downloaded 3.42? Are you having any problems with RAW files?

All in all I still prefer to use DPHDR but I think that the quality of the output images is decreasing with subsequent releases. Mine seem to be over-saturated for a start.

Anyone else noticed this?
FrAntknee 10 years ago
I'm having problems with DNG files. I just get a bunch of lines.
Oscar has released 3.42b. Should solve the problem
Senecabud PRO 10 years ago
I use Canon and have not had any problems with RAW files in v3.42b. Are you using 3.42 or 3.42b ?
spelec.anton 10 years ago
The noisy version was the 3.42, the current (b) version is fine.
Shannon Frost 10 years ago
I have noticed this on my Pentax K200. More grain and saturation problems.
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