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attractive current [deleted] 11:25am, 30 August 2008
hi, i'm italian, and i'm new in this group (i can't speak english very well).
i surfing in flickr and i founded this group and the video of the program, and i find the softehere web site.. really the best in HDR!!! fantastic!, more than photomatix, essential HDR or other! more option to manadge the pic.. the softwhere that i was searching!! :)
but like other softwhere isn't free.. i downloaded the trial version and i work for two hours.. i only say that is fantastic!!!

i want the full version but i can't buy.. someone can help me?
Let me get this straight you want a "Pirate Copy"?
attractive current [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by attractive current (member) 10 years ago
i don't understand.. could you use more simple words? ^_^'
i want a freeware version of the softwhere..because there is words in the bottom of the image..
There is no freeware version of DPHDR. The words at the bottom are there until you pay for the software.

In Itallian - I hope this is right

Non ci è versione libera degli articoli di DPHDR. Le parole alla parte inferiore sono là fino a che non paghiate il software.
attractive current [deleted] 10 years ago
i thinks will remove the words with photoshop.. thanks for the italian version! :)
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