Oscar has just released version 3.41 of our favourite program. It corrects a problem with exported TIFF files from DPHDR. See the thread "Strange Colours" on the MediaChance Web Boards - go for the one with the most replies. For those of you who haven't upgraded 3.40 introduced some new features

Quick JPG Browser - quickly displays thumbnails from JPG files on the disc where you can select files and then create hdr from them

Layered Photoshop Export - the PSD can now be exported where the original image (either from 0EV JPG, RAW or HDR file) is on bottom layer and the tonemapped image is on top layer so you can easily use Adobe tools and brushes to finish the image. Those two layers will be already aligned.

Mouse wheel support for sliders

3.41 corrects underflow problems with TIFF files where you see patches of red and blue
CORDAN 10 years ago
Thanks for the update Mark. This really has to be one of the best values on software I have ever seen.
The layered photoshop export is brilliant and mouse wheel support allows real close control, far better than sliders....
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