Sylvain photostream 12:30pm, 9 August 2008

when I am using the vignette style and I have a 5 RAW as starting images, I am always trouble with cropping. Indeed if I crop first, I have 5 jpeg and lose some dynamic and if I crop after the vignette, I have the vignette applied to where it would be cut.

I see so far no option to crop in the soft. Is there a way to crop a RAW and keep its dynamic?

edwin.donnelly 10 years ago
This should work if you have Photoshop:

1. Use DP-HDR to merge your raw files, but don't do the tonemapping step yet.
2. Save the HDR image as a .hdr file.
3. Open the .hdr file with Photoshop, crop, and then save again as a .hdr.
4. Open the .hdr file in DP-HDR again and apply the tonemapping with the vignetting.

The problem here is that it requires Photoshop. You could use any program that recognizes the .hdr format, but I'm not sure what else does. It doesn't look like Gimp (a free program) recognizes it, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were a free plugin out there that would do this.
Sylvain photostream 10 years ago
Thanks much for this answer. I am unfortunately a gimp user and no photoshop user.

Gimp is free but still limited and cannot hold HDR file as its engine is limited to 8 bits per colour channel.

May be someone knows a freeware of some kind doing that?
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