lajamespt 7:00pm, 9 July 2008
I am relatively new to shooting in RAW format. When I use RAW files in DPHDR, I get a "bad memory" something. But it still will put them together. How does everyone else do this, RAW or JPEG?
Patrick_Down PRO 10 years ago
I always convert to JPG. In fact sometimes I do multiple conversions of the same RAW to create a pseudo-HDR image. This *can* work reasonably well
gryphon1911 [A.Live] 10 years ago
I shoot JPG almost exclusively.

What you will find is that in situations where you may want to post process shadows morre aggressively, RAW is a lot more forgiving and cleaner than JPG.

I tend to lean more toward getting the best exposures in camera and doing minor tweaking after. JPG speeds up my workflow immensly in that regard.
aback account [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by aback account (member) 10 years ago
The one thing to keep in mind is that shooting in JPG you are losing data that would otherwise be available in RAW files. Also, each time you save a JPG image you degrade the quality of the image. I always shoot in RAW. Since I'm just starting to experiment with HDR, I can take my RAW file, create multiple TIF images at different EV settings and play with creating the HDR. In my mind, there is a lot more flexibility in RAW than JPG.

Oh, and the final benefit of working with RAW files is that any changes made are non-destructive. You can always go back to the original capture. Not true in JPG unless you work with a copy...which begins to degrade with the first copy you create.
Senecabud PRO 10 years ago
RAW for all the reasons already stated above. Sadly, however, my point and shoot limits me to JPEGs, and I can't always tote my SLR.

But HDR from a JPEG is better than a "straight" JPEG any day IMO.
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