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Double Exposure with Dynamic-Photo

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DavidLMorris says:

The surf was hitting the rocks in the foreground and background a few seconds apart so the peak of the wave impact was different for the foreground and background. I didn't think of using a double exposure until I got home and was looking through the images.

It was very easy to combine the two images using Dynamic-Photo HDR. The alignment step took care of the tough part. And since I didn't have a tripod I doubt I could have done it as a true double exposure.

I've been finding that the HDR software packages are useful for more than just HDR. When I first started with digital cameras I used Photoshop Elements (still use it for spot removal), then switched to CaptureNX. Now, after pulling an image into NX for white balance and exposure adjustments, more often than not, I'll dump the image into my HDR program.

Schoodic Peninsula 00
10:41AM, 31 May 2008 PDT (permalink)

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