Pepeketua 4:33pm, 29 May 2008
There is so many photos in this group that have the photomatix "look" or even are in photomatix groups tagged accordingly.

I know that with the name of the software, it can be misleading but that points out that people don't read the subject of the pool :(

Anything we could do?
spelec.anton Posted 10 years ago. Edited by spelec.anton (member) 10 years ago
Not even a liiiitle bit? Oh, bother.... photomatix is so catchy name.... it reminds me a name for toaster or a wash machine from sixties. photo-rite-matix
secretsamba 10 years ago
Yeah, some users systematically tag all the photos they send to this pool with photomatix. Not much to be done; I don't want to start policing the group and have no time for that....
yeah if you dont know the dynamic photo hdr isa the name of a software, youre gonna send any hdr into the I suspect alot of newbs will do this.. oh well, a greta photo is a great photo.
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