Prefered Method

Gregorio S. 2:30pm, 15 May 2008
I was just wondering which method you prefer, whether eye catching, ultra contrast, auto-adaptive, smooth compressor, photographic, or human eye? I would say that I prefer the eye catching, because it allows you to do all the same sliders as the ultra contrast while also giving you the ability to fiddle with the brightness. Let me know what you fellow HDRers think.
Woopadydoo 10 years ago
I agree. I've tried using the other options but i always end up back at eye catching.
BillyCrafton 10 years ago
It matters if I'm going for realistic or saturated pop.

For realism, I tend to go with Photographic or Human Eye and play with the sliders. For pop, I'll use Eye Catching or Smooth Compressor.
Geoff in Worthing, UK 10 years ago
I prefer a more natural look and tend to go for EyeCatching, then turn the saturation and vivid light controls down. For me, the others seem to be either flat (Smooth Compressor and Photographic) or too dramatic (all the others).
i click on each one and see what works for the photo im working on.
BillyCrafton 10 years ago
Ok. After reading Geoff's comment, I've started doing everything in Eye Catching and adjusting Saturation down unless I'm looking for that obvious HDR look.
gorgeous farm [deleted] 10 years ago
I try to play with things, but keep coming back to eye-catching and contrast...
CarlBSr PRO 10 years ago
I generally click on all options in the preview just to get a feel for the image. Most of the time I land on eye-catching and then trim it down so it doesn't have that over-pushed look the some HDR have.
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