pwscott61 PRO 6:38pm, 3 March 2008
I see that they can manage to insert "Mediachance" in there when I process a few files through Dynamic HDR, but does most of my metadata/EXIF have to get thrown out? I know it's a blend of differing shutter speeds on my five image usual sets, but why put in 1mm for focal length for example? Couldn't the 22mm value be preserved? And the f/16 aperture setting etc.
Thanks- I see other apps are doing it or at least talking about it now. Is there a better place to post this wish?
secretsamba 10 years ago
What I usually do is reinsert the exif data by opening the original unprocessed image (with all the exif data) in photoshop, then I open the hdr version and copy paste it on a new layer of the original image. Then when you save the image this way all the exif is reinserted...
victor*f PRO 10 years ago
Ah, but the EXIF from which image? If I've been bracketing then I use the uncompensated image.

I don't have PS so I use something like ExifTool.
pwscott61 PRO 10 years ago
OK, good suggestion on the PS layer. A lot of my shots never even hit PSCS3 lately- they go from Lightroom to the HDR program, resync the folder in LR, levels, curves, etc and then done.
Some do go to PS for Nik Filters like Dfine or Nik Sharpener Pro. I will give it a try, but it'd be way cooler if the elements of the EXIF that are the same in the 3, 5 or 7 whatever shots was just plain preserved by the HDR software.
Woopadydoo 10 years ago
I've been wondering the same thing, that's a great idea! thx!
gryphon1911 [A.Live] 10 years ago
Maybe we can suggest something to MediaChance and see if, during the final processing and saving, they can let you pick information from the other files to insert or manually update the EXIF data.

I use their DVD-Lab Pro software, and while it was still in beta I had some suggestions that they used.
CarlBSr PRO 10 years ago
Yep, use both PS and Exifer.
Wish the company would hang on to all but the exposure. I know you can keep the exposure constant and vary the aperture but I've found that there are significant differences in the edges of the image for alignment.
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