Dan Sabin 6:47pm, 25 February 2008
I shot this with the intention of making it an HDR. I've been practicing with other photos but this is one of the first ones I really like. DPHDR is really a great program to use. Comments and suggestions please...

mackney photography 10 years ago
What a great subject! perfect for the treatment. It would be nice to see it large to get an idea of the detail. My suggestion would be to get an exposure that could capture the view through the window if possible? The white light takes my eye from all the lovely metalness :)
very nice....good job!
secretsamba 10 years ago
very nice treatment, great detail!
AviDigital PRO 10 years ago
Good rendering and excellent sense of depth and color. Please share with us more information: what kind of camera, lens, quality (jpg or raw) , numbewr of base images,
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