DPHDR Work Flow

AviDigital PRO 3:50pm, 25 February 2008
What's the recommended work flow in the DPHDR?
How many files should I use? my camera can bracket up to 9!
Many times I try to create ans HDR and I end up with a messy noise image,
Is there a way to come back and realgn an .hdr file?
Bracket anywhere from 2 to 9 images, preferably using a tripod, try to eliminate shake in your cam as much as possible, i use a tripod and a cable release... the lest stops you have, the more noise so, if you shoot 9 files, youll get better noise control.. also, noise will come when you try to over expose a really dark scene.. also, youll get alot of noise whenyou tone map, the more extreme you go, the noisier youll get.. use a good noise wear program... i use Neat Image (free version) it does a pretty good job.... also, bluring the sky in PS helps with noise in the dark parts of the sky..
AviDigital PRO 10 years ago
Thanks @definetlyoverdone I can definitely use your advice.
magical push [deleted] 10 years ago
Change only aperture size to vary the exposures to avoid depth of field differences between each base exposure.
orovillesue PRO 10 years ago
District_History_Fan, Don't you mean vary only shutter speed? Changing the aperature changes the DOF.
yeah leave the AV alone, i set my cam in bracket mode, AV and use a very small (F22) AV... and i get most if not all of the scene in focus... if you change the AV, youll change the DOF and it will look funny, although i have never tried it.. maybe this weekend.
AviDigital PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by AviDigital (member) 10 years ago
I set my camera (Nikon D300) on A mode, at around f11. I use 5 bracketed RAW images from -2,-1,0,+1,+2 . My main problem with the software is that the image I create in tonemapping is much better than the image as it appears on the processed JPG. Here's an example. I know I can continue PP with PS or whatever but I wonder what's the reason.

Sunset Over Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge (HDR)
BillyCrafton 10 years ago
I prefer to use 3 images, 0, -2, +2. On my D80, I can do this pretty easily. On the D300, I have to take 5 shots as you can only have a max of 1 stop difference when bracketing. I've started to shoot Raw+Jpg when I know I'm going to do HDR. It doesn't take up a lot more space and seems to make the process run faster.
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