secretsamba 11:37pm, 9 February 2008
This pool is for photos processed with Dynamic-PHOTO HDR. If you photo is tagged photomatix or artizen, etc. and/or is in another software specific pools then they probably shouldn't be here.

There are countless non software specific HDR pools where you can post...
Pepeketua 10 years ago
That seems about right... Although, you'll agree that the name of the software/group make it a bit confusing... and we know how easily people got confused on Flickr :)
Senecabud PRO 10 years ago
I'm a little unclear about the statement in the rules that says:

"Only post photos created with Dynamic-PHOTO HDR software"

Does that mean we cannot use additional artistic software to create the Dynamic-PHOTO-HDR image? For example, if I create an image with DP-HDR and then add something to it with LucisArt, can I post it here?

Pat Trent

PS: New to this group and enjoying the photos.
secretsamba 10 years ago
Yes it's ok, as long as you use dp-hdr somewhere in there...
Senecabud PRO 10 years ago
OK, thanks. I'll be posting then in a few days.
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