Zacker The One and Only 1:36am, 27 November 2007
...and i like it, the tone mapping is gonna be hard to get used to though, since i basically use PM for all my mapping..
but this software looks really good. DPHDR rocks!

grapes of wrath
nice effect. How many photos did you use?
Andy Perry 11 years ago
Very nice....i love it too great software
sorry for the delay.... dor and neil, i used three images, i usually only use three, i get too confused when i do more, i hate it when i have a 1 gb card full of HDR frames,,, knowing which one goes with what gets confusing really

Thanks Andy...
cosmosvortex_2006 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by cosmosvortex_2006 (member) 10 years ago

Sunset over Tukwila
3 shots +1 EV 0 EV +1 EV @ f/10 1/125
Canon Rebel XT
cosmosvortex_2006 10 years ago

Here is one I like.
Utah Desert
-1 EV 0 EV +1 EV @ f/5 1/25
Canon Rebel XT
Jagaa.Cj Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Jagaa.Cj (member) 10 years ago

My one. 1 jpg>DynamicPhoto HDR>Lightroom>Photoshop CS3

Canon EOS Kiss X2 (aka 450D)
Perla Lima 10 years ago
Mirante da Sereia (Praia de Pratagy) - Maceió

timzim58 10 years ago
B-24 HDR 3 images kodak z710
jesuscm 10 years ago
cathedral (HDR)
Manuel Steinbrecher PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Manuel Steinbrecher (member) 10 years ago
This was my first HDR with DPHDR

Pfahlweg (HDR) by Manuel Steinbrecher
Simona Cavallo 10 years ago
This is the mine!!! The first!

Viale HDR
internat PRO 9 years ago
McKay Bridge Halifax-Dartmouth, NS
Tony Lea Toronto 9 years ago
I like the Orton filters it offers

Orton vignette Cherry Beach Toronto
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