pwscott61 PRO 9:50pm, 25 November 2007
Anyone else getting this error in the subject line from time to time when initially loading a set of images before aligning them? I am running 2.0.1 on Vista Home Premium, Quad Core 2.4Ghz with 2GB RAM, all patches. I can say 'OK' through the errors and come out OK. Had only Firefox and Lightroom running at the time.
I am using 5 NEF files from D200 shot -2, -1, 0, +1, +2. Again I can OK through the errors but it seems a bit odd.
secretsamba 11 years ago
Yeah, I'm using the 2.0 version and I get that, I ok through it as well.
pwscott61 PRO 11 years ago
No mention of it here:

Apparently that's their forum for support.
pwscott61 PRO 11 years ago
I posted a reference to this thread over there...also asked in a separate thread when the D300 RAWs will be supported.
secretsamba Posted 11 years ago. Edited by secretsamba (admin) 11 years ago
I use a d80, and win XP pro and didn't have this little problem prior to switching to version 2.0 of D-P hdr
Pavel Kudrys 11 years ago
Hello guys! Nice to see this new DPHDR forum! I just tested some D200 files I have and unfortunately, no error here? Could you please upload your problematic files somewhere?

Secretsamba, what's your PC and OS configuration? If I understand it right, the problem does not appear in previous versions?

As for the D300 support, we will look at this! ;)
spelec.anton 11 years ago
On the forum there is explanation. There is also a new 2.01b version that fixes this problem. You can redownload the full version or demo.
secretsamba 11 years ago
I just upgraded to 2.01b, problem solved.
pwscott61 PRO 11 years ago
Great news I will give it a try. Sorry I never got to upload my NEF examples some place- my trial version of CuteFTP expired and I haven't decided what to use from here forward on Vista for FTP to my webpages yet.
pwscott61 PRO 11 years ago
I went looking to update this morning but had a heck of a time finding the new release. When the app "Checks for new version" with 2.0 it tells you that's the latest. I had to just guess that re-downloading from URL in registration emails would get me the 'b' version which it did.
Would be nice if when the SW checked for a new version it actually found the latest sw. I'll work with it some today and see if the Bad Mem Pointer issue is gone.
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