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Version 1.91b is out

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pwscott61 says:

Even though my sw on Vista was 1.85 I think and I did "Check for New Version" and it said there was none......there is. I had to follow the link from the email I got when I bought it. That takes you to an install file with the same name as the 1.85....I hate when manufacturers do that....I suggest you rename the installer DPHDR191b.exe or something like that so if you want to go back, as many of us did with Photomatix, you can.
I haven't worked with the sw yet, but thought I'd pass along that there's a new one out.
3:13PM, 10 November 2007 PDT (permalink)

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doreen and neil ....home now says:


you're right..I followed your instructions and the new version loaded.

Thanks a lot

ages ago (permalink)

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