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MagnusCaleb 4:14am, 13 October 2006
Beside Australia do you guys have any ideas where I can buy the Volleys (especially Asian region)?
Eleanor Jean Riley 10 years ago
Thanks for the invite! i know where you can buy them in NZ for $90!!! But better from Target!
oldsj73 10 years ago
hi guys, i'm an artist and i'm currently working on a series of large shoe paintings, especially of the old dunlop volleys. do you have any more photos of your well worn volleys you could share with me??
sam&onny 10 years ago
I'm in NZ and a search to find some volleys was not so much fun...k-mart etc only have women and kids. I ended up getting my gf back in aussie to buy me some and bring them over.
netking30 [deleted] 9 years ago
NZ K-Marts (or at least the one I went to) have a good range of the lightweight Volleys after not stocking them for years. $NZ29.99 for a black pair I purchased. There are however not that many K-Marts in NZ, probably as many in the whole of NZ as in Adelaide. They were not as successful as had been hoped. No 1 Shoe has Volleys of one sort or another (but not the lightweight ones) at odd times (eg they have some steel coe capped ones at present).
genevieve.r 8 years ago
Christchurch K-Mart at the Palms have a good selection - mens ones with green on them, and blue on them - and black ones. and womens black ones and white with pink
genevieve.r 8 years ago
you can buy online from Target in Australia. - you can view the entire store catalogue. You will see a whole page on Volleys - Navy blue ones with red, white ones with red writing... very cool.
$29.99 AU approx.
genevieve.r 8 years ago
this is the ad for the various volleys from target:
zoonabar PRO 7 years ago
In the UK I got mine from:

They were £30 (plus postage around £5) and were really quick to deliver also
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