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Dean Stevens ADMIN June 10, 2010
Dungeons and Dragons is a game with many incarnations throughout the years since Gary Gygax (RIP) and Dave Arneson (RIP) created it in the '70's. This community is for all things DND, with the caveat that we mean tabletop DND player face to face with people and dice, no computer games. Not that we have a distaste for computer games, but there are other groups for that. As long as it is DND related your pictures are both welcome and invited! Welcome, well met, grab your dice!

Group Description

D&D. Get yours at

Dungeons and Dragons, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Roleplaying Games, Miniatures, Dungeons and Dragons related comics, adventures, Dragon magazine articles. (Not a PC gamer forum) Photoshop or software manipulated art is welcome as long as it is somehow D&D related.

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