What is this?

lowbattery 9:13am, 19 October 2007
Hi, back again, what is this?

What is it?
lowbattery 10 years ago
Thanks very much Bruners!
EricaStLeonards 10 years ago
But I still don't know what it is...
apart from a very fine photo.
Are you going to share the info?
Adam Clutterbuck 10 years ago
I believe that this is a shipping marker of some kind. It is certainly an interesting structure and prompted me to take a couple of shots of it...
dungeness structure
Brother G PRO 6 years ago
I read about this recently
it was used by local boats to line up their approach to the beech to land. There was also another one of these in the shape of a diamond, if you lined the "T" up in the centre of the diamond you were on course. I have never seen the diamond so presume it is long gone.
dogtemple 6 years ago
its a net drier, the other one is on the other side of the power station.
Brother G PRO 6 years ago
not according to one of the books I read!
I think it was the one written by Ken Ollier
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