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Chrisser PRO 1:27am, 7 December 2007
Flickr has teamed up with the Picnik photo editing website to allow you to edit your photos right from your Flickr photostream. You can even upload an image that is yours originally from your computer and edit that if you don't wish to replace any photos. Other members' photos you cannot modify due to rules in the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

The latest Flash player from Adobe is required and you have to have any programs in use closed to be able to install the software.

Picnik Website:
Picnik Group: (only Picnik creations permitted; 10 photos a day per everybody in the group)
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Chrisser PRO 10 years ago
Picnik can also be used to add a watermark of copyright to keep bad people away from touching your photos, although sometimes a small watermark can be cropped out, so you may want to make sure to make a big watermark instead.
Chrisser PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Chrisser (admin) 6 years ago
Just a heads-up: Effective as soon as April 19th comes and goes, Picnik's website is officially closed. What is currently in the Picnik site is going to the Google+ website. The link to the official discussion in the top link has links to petitions to save Picnik, but the odds of that happening are very slim. Every effect, frame, collage and fancy collage, including those that were only good with Picnik Premium, all free until the end of April 19th, go get out there, grab some photos, upload them to Picnik, choose your favorite effect, frame, collage or fancy collage, and get creative. Even create frames to use after Picnik closes.

Picnik Officially Closing April 19th, 2012
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Chrisser PRO 5 years ago
This topic is being made unsticky and closed now that Picnik is no more.
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