jus728 4:34pm, 6 November 2012
Hey just a photo i posted on fb, wondering if i could get some of your thoughts on the it.


Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer (admin) 6 years ago
First thing that I see, it needs more main light. The light on her face is pretty flat and dim.
Did you just light it from behind with a big softbox or umbrella?
jus728 6 years ago
Yep she is just sitting in front of the softbox. Facing a window with a reflector on her lap.
JustinSinks 6 years ago
Yeah I agree, she looks underexposed and flat. What would it look like if you tweaked the curves a bit?
jus728 6 years ago
trying that i'll post up another one soon
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