Jay D. Kilgore 10:22pm, 28 August 2012
Hello friends,

I'm shooting a wedding next Friday Sept 7th and would like to have another body. I don't think there are any rental stores here in Duluth, so I'm wondering if there's anyone here that would let me rent it for a few days?

I'm a canon guy so Canon 5d, II, III or 50/60D would be great. Also a 70-200 f2.8 would rock.

I can supply you with corporate references if desired. As well as a list of photographers from around the world that will tell you I'm a good guy.

Let me know!

irentphoto.com is a local, legit rental shop ran by a super nice guy named Ryan Marshik.
JustinSinks 6 years ago
You didnt mention it, but I have a 7D if you cant get a rig from Ryan above. Though i would need your first born as collateral ;)
Jay D. Kilgore 6 years ago
My first born is a 15yo hormonal girl, you can have her even with out the cam! Hell, you can take her four sisters as well!

Thanks for the info Shawn but the thing is, I don't want to rent it for a full weekend. I can make it work with my cam and just switch lens as needed.

Thanks anyway!
JustinSinks 6 years ago
EEK, nevermind, you can keep her! HAHA
Jay D. Kilgore 6 years ago

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