Jay D. Kilgore 2:14am, 3 May 2012
Hello friends,

I'm looking for a videographer to record me shooting. If it's a photographer, you'll get to shoot some as well if you'd like. If you know of a videographer that would be great.

The videos will range from families, casual, fashion, glamour, boudoir, art nudes, glamour nudes and everything inbetween. I will use the videos for my sponsors as well as a new lighting video I'm working on.

K. Praslowicz 6 years ago
And compensation is?
JustinSinks 6 years ago
Hello Jay! Welcome to the group. I've shot a few videos before and would be interested. I dont have any super fancy equipment, just my 7D and some minor gear to go along with it. But I'm sure you've seen some popular photography videos were shot with sub-par equipment. Let us know a little more details please.
I agree with Kip. It appears you are aiming to monetize off of these videos, whether directly or indirectly. Compensation would certainly help to bring some interest your way.
A little more info could be helpful.
Jay D. Kilgore 6 years ago
@Justin: I'm a firm believer in it isn't the equipment, but the person working it. I usually use a small sony hd camcorder, but it's difficult to film myself with out recreating the shot and that takes time.

@Shawn/K.: I'm looking for people interested or referrals to videographers. Once I have someone/several, then we can discuss compensation.

Let's not put the cart before the buggy. I have to see if anyone is interested, then talk to them to find out if they're even a good fit for what I want to do and the vision I have, THEN we discuss compensation. Me honestly? I'd be offended if someone asked me to record them shooting. I'm a photographer, not videographer. On the flip side, I know lots of photographers that enjoy doing both.
No worries, this group gets picked on/asked often to do freebies and I support "pay the creator" mentality. There are obviously exceptions to this and every rule. Certain charities, projects, etc... should be done for the sake of doing them pro-bono.
So, I was just curious on your intentions.
Good luck with your project, Justin would be a good fit. Hopefully it works out for all parties.
Jay D. Kilgore 6 years ago
Thanks friend.
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