duluthiscool 4:46pm, 20 January 2012
I received the following email from the Homegrown Steering Committee. If you are hoping to submit art for this event, please read along:

To Mr. Richard Narum,

I am Jonathan Lee and I am on the 2012 Homegrown steering committee.

The committee and its art director, Jeredt Runions, are at that time of the year where we are beginning to organize the where's and how's for the upcoming festival and this will, of course, include the Homegrown Photo Show.

There is no questioning the importance and influence of your work as it relates to the Photo Show, as well as the overall Homegrown experience. Furthermore, we are looking very forward to your participation in this year's festival.

However, with a new year comes a new festival. This year, the steering committee and its art director are asking that all artists go through the application and submission process ( The hope is that by doing it this way, we will increase the sense of participation of all who wish to be and will be involved with Homegrown.

Though I am not in any position to say that this would lead to the absence of your participation, I will say that we do value your time and your effort as an artist of high regard and as someone who has aided in the creation of a standard that Homegrown is pleased and honored to uphold.

We look very forward to see what you'll do this year.

If you have any questions, you can direct them to me, Or you may contact the Homegrown Art Director, Homegrown Director Walter "Walt Dizzo" Rashcik is also available at

Further information regarding application/submission is attached (HG2012-arts_submission.pdf)

With the deepest respect,
Jonathan J. Lee
lcarlson 7 years ago
So, are they nixing the photo show for this 'all-encompassing' art show?
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