HBRstudios 7:39pm, 3 December 2011
In lieu of the recent discussion surrounding Bresson and his work, I have devised an activity that honors his work, plus challenges your patience, perception, and ability to see in a rather unusual manner.

The idea is to restrict all participants to ONE view of a public place and capture it in a way that is unique to your vision and interests. This means you get to choose the time of day, the conditions, and what additional subject matter is in the scene. You may either take this in pure Bresson style and wait for the right moment, or you may create the right moment, if you wish (this is about your eye, not necessarily your luck.)

I am going to give you the restrictions of ONLY NATURAL LIGHT -- sorry, no flashes or other light supplied by you --

An image and description of the location is posted below.

Sorry, this is mostly for local Duluth/Superior residents, but if you wish to travel from afar to take advantage of this assignment, you are very welcome!

Please post here if you are participating!

Deadline is the day before our next DPG meeting. Feel free to post to the "DPG Monthly Theme" group (

Have fun and best of luck to you all!
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Bresson-0122 by HBRstudios

Here is the location and pertinent info:

50mm lens (approx., 35mm full frame equiv. -- 33mm lens on an APS-C or similar sensor.)

In back of the Fitger's complex at the end of the patio above the Lakewalk.
HBRstudios 7 years ago
Randall Cottrell 7 years ago
That sounds like a fantastic exercise, wish I was there to give it a "shot".
HBRstudios 7 years ago

Here is my submission -- not a classic, and rather cliche, but I made the effort!
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