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December Photo Challenge

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duluthiscool is a group administrator duluthiscool says:

I propose that the December Photo Challenge is the same as the November Challenge...

*** Portraits ***

Why? Because we ran out of time last night during the November Meeting...

So... let's use the film from last eve as motivation to do an awesome Portrait for the December meeting...
1:54PM, 1 December 2011 PDT (permalink)

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JustinSinks is a group administrator JustinSinks says:

Actually I move we make the theme what Brian was talking about, setting up in a specific spot and waiting for your photo. We can vote on last months theme via the contest page. Unless someone had a print to enter?
80 months ago (permalink)

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HBRstudios is a group administrator HBRstudios says:

I am posting that soon -- We could do both since each one hits a specific interest, IMHO.
80 months ago (permalink)

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