Randall Cottrell 7:29pm, 8 August 2011
I've always heard this term tossed around and that the majority of dSLR's are good for about 150,000 shutter actuations (correct me if I'm wrong here).

After doing some time lapse videos the other day, I fired probably 1,500 shots in a matter of hours, I got to wondering how much life my d200 has left in it.

So I did a little research this morning and came across this handy little piece of free programming to find out the shutter count on your camera. (links for Mac and PC). Apparently there may be issues with this working with Canon's, but it worked just fine for my d200. And make sure you use a jpg file, a RAW or NEF or what-have-you will not work for whatever reason.

My total number of shutter actuations is just shy of 63,000, so it looks like the shutter on my d200 will be good for quite a while longer. This was a pleasant surprise for me, I expected it to be much higher. However, I'm looking into getting a nice point & shoot to do time lapses with, just to be safe.. that's a lot of shooting, especially to make a multiple minute movie.

What's your camera at? Higher or lower than you expected? Thought it would be fun just to see how many shots people have blazed through.
K. Praslowicz 7 years ago
The camera I've been using since October actually has an analog shutter odometer on the bottom. It has indicated 1000 clicks since I got it.
Randall Cottrell 7 years ago
dang! i would never be able to survive shooting film. kudos on your patience.
Hadn't run EXIF viewer in a while so I just checked. My D3 has 159648 actuations and my older D2X has 97357. Guess they are both getting up there in actuation count! Started using the D2X in April of 2005 and the D3 in Feb of 2008. I know I use the D3 a lot but hadn't realized it was over 150k already.
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