JustinSinks 10:55pm, 16 June 2011
Hey everyone! I know it's "summer" now and everyone is uber busy, just thought maybe we could take a sec and let everyone know what you're up to.

So, Im taking a vacation next week to spend time with my kids, then coming back and getting ready for my gallery show on July 1st. Then a little more relaxing and then back to work. WOOT.

I would like to do some photo walks this summer, whos in?
Emily Bemily 7 years ago
I'm in. O'course.
HBRstudios 7 years ago
I'm up for photo outings.
Robbie N 7 years ago
I'd like to go. :)
Now that school is out, I'm just hanging out at home with my mom and dad/grandma and grandpa. Teaching myself Japanese, gearing up for August when the Duluth Sister Cities Int'l delegation from Japan is here. I get to partake in their activities. I'm so excited!
Hahaha, "summer" my ass. This rain needs to go away!
JustinSinks 7 years ago
Teaching yourself Japanese! Now thats awesome!
edgeways 7 years ago
busy... signed up with the Duluth Public Arts Commission, started DJing at KUMD. Various home ownership summer projects, BWCA for a week starting next weds. Continuing the once a month dip in the lake project (a little more bearable nowadays). Drinking, swearing and suchlike.
J.Rabold PRO 7 years ago
Im in for some walking Justin. Myself I have been spending time home going nut because I am not allowed to be normal. I had hernia surgery a few weeks back now and am still on a very resticted recover. SUCKS!!!!!!! I need to get out!!!! 17 more days and I can go back to work!
duluthiscool 7 years ago
i still live and love duluth. all things. especially snow in june.

photo walks? wow... when was the last that i attended? to long to recall. this should change.
Fo Sho
timescapephoto 7 years ago
busy, busy, busy - but really need to get out and shoot some non-client stuff.
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