Robbie N 11:09pm, 19 June 2011
Hiya! I haven't been here in a while. But I've been thinking about getting a remote thing that clicks the shutter during a bulb exposure(or whenever) so you don't shake the camera/etc.
Anyone know where I'd be able to buy that?
Thanks guys! :D
Cabled or a true remote?

I use a cabled release but that is my preference.

What brand and model camera do you use?
Robbie N 7 years ago
I use a Canon, EOS Rebel T3.. I'd like something wireless... :]
JustinSinks 7 years ago
They have some up at first photo, both the canon version and a 3rd party one. If you bring your camera up there they will help you find the exact one and make sure it works to your liking. The problem with wireless remotes on Canon cameras is the sensor is on the FRONT of the camera, so its sometimes hard to trigger it from behind, a problem that gets worse the further you are from your camera.
brandonransom 7 years ago
Justin is absolutely right. Bright light will exacerbate the problems inherent in infrared (wireless) triggers, but they tend to work quite well at night.
Canon brand Wired

Canon Brand

Here is an example of the wireless system that first photo will have. It is a two piece system and very clunky to use based on what I have seen from those that have them.

Having to be in front of the camera to use the Canon wireless or generic wireless that first photo has, is is prohibitive in many ways. My suggestion is to get the wired remote, it is fool proof, requires no batteries, you don't have to be in front of the camera, etc...
8u11y 7 years ago
My $3.99 cheap remote has a 2 sec. delay button so I can jump in front of the camera click the button and get out of the way before it takes the photo. That might help a little.
J.Rabold PRO 7 years ago
I got a nice one from EBAY. $24. I also agree with Justin about bright light. So I bought a wired one and a extention for it as well. Only good for about 15 feet though.
Robbie N 7 years ago
Ooohh, thanks you guys! hmm. @J.Rabold, how much/long is an extention?
I believe the Rebel line uses a mini headphone jack, so any mini MONO headphone extender cable from radio shack should work.
Keep in mind the Canon Brand wired remote is $22 and they are built very well
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