JustinSinks 7:26pm, 27 April 2011
Anyone want to get together and talk photography or whatever? Dpi? Pagan? Someplace else?

Reason no meeting was planned was there really doesn't seem anything to "meet" about. Am I safe to assume that everyone feels the same? If not, pipe up! If you want a meeting then let the group know.
duluthiscool 7 years ago

everyone was just counting on the fact that it is a regularly scheduled monthly event?
Amy Machmer 7 years ago
Slightly Off Topic:

The gallery show was my first ever "meeting" with DPG. I met a lot of people and it really was a fun night over all.
I tend to be a bit shy and so I'm not great with new crowds or just striking up small talk. ( thank you Justin and Emily for being so easy going and ridiculously funny)
I do however love to talk about and discuss photography and that is why I joined DPG in the first place.
A lot of you seemed to know each other fairly well so the social aspect was covered for many of you.

I'm just wondering - when DPG gets together - is there much talk about photography - technical - creative ideas - photographers "block" etc.?
Personally I'm in a photography funk at the moment - I've focused, in the last two years, more on the making money side vs. the reason I fell in love and became obsessed in the first place and now I've fizzled - though making a slow comeback with a rejuvenated outlook.

Anyway - I'd be interested in getting together to actually talk shop so to speak.
Emily Bemily 7 years ago
Hi Amy! It was great to meet you at the DPI! I've been to just a few DPG meetings thus far, and really enjoyed them! Most of the conversation is regarding photography, the other part seems to be completely inappropriate yet hilarious banter. It’s a very informal meeting. I hope to see you there sometime!

Regarding the meeting scheduling – Rich, I agree with you. And I hope that this meeting will continue to be a regularly scheduled event. I can’t always attend, but whenever I can, I do. :)
Amanda~Christine 7 years ago
Next week my schedule goes back to midnights, and I can attend meetings again...

So there best be meetings!
HBRstudios 7 years ago
Justin, are you still comfortable with taking the "lead" for these meetings? Or is someone else willing to jump in as well in the planning process? Even maybe a small group that discusses these types of things? I would be willing to revisit this scenario.
JustinSinks 7 years ago
I am still, but if anyone else wants to take over Id be ok with that also :)
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