HBRstudios 12:31pm, 29 April 2011
From the Greater Downtown Council:

The Greater Downtown Council is currently revising our downtown maps. We are looking for great pictures of our amazing downtown to be donated. If you would be willing to share any of your great shots please feel free to send them to
duluthiscool 7 years ago
hi. i'm too lazy to search flickr for the keyword "duluth". can you do it for me? and can you also, take the time to send me photos that i may or may not like.


perhaps kjohnson can do a little leg work on their own... find some photos... and contact the photog directly... requesting the right to use...


kjohnson can wait anxiously for all of the photos that i will not be sending forth...
Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer (admin) 7 years ago
Rich, that is like work.

The steps to getting free image rights are as follows:

Step 1. Ask someone to do the work for you
Step 2. Ask for donated images
Step 3. Profit?

Seriously, it is getting tiring with this group being used and looked at as a stock imagery, free photo work pool.

Also, I am not saying this isn't worth donating imagery to, but it could be handled better.
fallfaceforward 7 years ago
aw, i miss you guys!!!!
HBRstudios 7 years ago
All I am doing is passing on information. If you don't want to do it, others might think it worthy.
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