mariaaobrien PRO 4:44pm, 19 April 2011

I don't really qualify as I do not live in Duluth - but found your group while searching for photos of the area. My father's family is from South Dakota and Minnesota and my daughter and I will be making a trip out there (we are in NH) this June for a wedding and wanted to do some shooting (photography lol) while we are out there -we were told that Duluth is beautiful.

Was wondering if you guys had any suggestions? Things we 'must see'?

Thanks so much in advance!!!

How much time will you have? 1/2 a day, a whole day, 2 days?
HBRstudios Posted 7 years ago. Edited by HBRstudios (admin) 7 years ago
The Lift Bridge in Canal Park is a must (though all of us locals are sick of it,) the Rose Garden on London Road, Tischer Creek off of E 4th St or E Superior St, Enger Park, Lester River, and perhaps a drive up the North Shore Scenic Highway to Two Harbors.

That ought to get you started with your research!
K. Praslowicz 7 years ago
And if your June date is the 18th, enjoy the challenge of getting into our out of town to find anything to photograph.
mariaaobrien PRO 7 years ago
thanks for the tips - we will be there June 2 - June 7th - staying in minneapolis and renting a car. What is the significance of June 18th?
Grandmas Marathon is June 18th. The city goes into a state of frenzy.
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