MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina 3:08am, 12 February 2011
Lanie Cakes 8 years ago
Nice find. Thanks for sharing this. It will be fun to see what images come out. Wish there was an ongoing photo stream of her works presenting them as they are uncovered, tho that may take away from their revelation.
K. Praslowicz 8 years ago
There has been a stream going on since 2009. ->
Lanie Cakes 8 years ago
Excellent! Thanks Kip! :)
Amy Machmer 8 years ago
Fantastic! Thank you for sharing.
EmilyNorton 8 years ago
Here is some more information

There is also an exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center until early April
duluthiscool 8 years ago
This is so awesome.

I intend to travel to Chicago to *specifically* see this show.

Would anyone be interested in a three day Chicago mini-vacation?
duluthiscool Posted 8 years ago. Edited by duluthiscool (admin) 8 years ago
Also beginning in April:

Russell Bowman Art Advisory in Chicago will present an exhibition of Vivian Maier photographs, April 15 - June 18, 2011. Both vintage and contemporary silver gelatin prints will be available.
K. Praslowicz Posted 8 years ago. Edited by K. Praslowicz (admin) 8 years ago
I'm in.

I wrote one of the first blog entires about her back in 2009 three days after the guy who found her negatives started trying to figure out what to do with it all. That post has been driving some great traffic since the story finally broke. I've had fans of my blog e-mail me asking if I was going to go to the show to know my take on it. Might as well give them what they want.
duluthiscool 8 years ago
Feed the fans!! Grab your calendar and let's start chatting up some dates...
Emily Bemily Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Emily Bemily (member) 7 years ago
Thanks for posting that video Aaron - I'd heard of her but hadn't seen any of her work yet. What I saw had quite an impact on me.
I would love to see that show, I don't know if my schedule would allow it, but I'd like to try to go.

(DuluthisCool - sorry about the name mix-up!)
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 7 years ago
Definitely awesome.

And definitely would be up for a road trip with ya'all!
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