enchanted afternoon [deleted] 5:32am, 17 January 2011
are women so confusing?!?!? Gahhhh!!! First she says she can't hang out with me and now she says it's okay. What does it all mean? Is she testing me? Double Gahhhh!

Oh...and to keep this about PHOTOGRAPHY....what's on everyone's WISHLIST?!? all you moderators out there can't delete this. :-P Alright...I feel better now that I vented.
-Snapshot- 7 years ago
are women so confusing?!?!? ........YES.

Pretty content with what I have, maybe a medium angle zoom.
edgeways Posted 7 years ago. Edited by edgeways (admin) 7 years ago
Not any more confusing then men.
Would you consider editing the post to remove the gender wars bit?

Wishlist: a Microrail

and who says I can't delete this?
JustinSinks 7 years ago
Not waiting, closing this thread. This is what Facebook is for ;)
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