NorthernMinnesotaPhoto 6:04pm, 27 January 2011
So I have a wedding this Sunday and can't shoot the first day of the Beargrease :?( Total Bummer!
My next door neighbor (Jamie Nelson) 4 time winner of the Beargrease marathon race just told me that she would like some pictures of her current team of black and white dogs.
I don't know her bib #, but If you go introduce yourself to her, mention this email.

Thanks Jim Fierek
edgeways 7 years ago
So.... do you know August and Don Galloway?
the names familiar, I really have a hard time with names...faces I can remember but not names.

So is anyone going to photograph the Beargrease?
K. Praslowicz 7 years ago
I plan to again.
figzphoto PRO 7 years ago
I'll be there. Not sure how much time I'll have for shooting since I'll be assisting a team. I'll look for the name/bib# and see if I get some time to bust out the glass.
thanks guys, she's a legend in the sport, she's been dog sledding for almost 40 years! Watch her with her team, it's magical. She needs no handlers at all. She'll talk to the dogs, one by one, pick up the anchor and say "lets go" and they'll be off.
I have other friends in the race too, Dusty Klaven, Clarke Garry (neighbor), Chad Schouweiler, Curt Perano (neighbor)(from New Zealand), Frank Moe, Matt Groth (he just purchased $250/prints), Amanda Vogel (she just used a print for the Detroit Daily News) So happy shooting
K. Praslowicz Posted 7 years ago. Edited by K. Praslowicz (admin) 7 years ago
Amazing how much nicer the race was at 14 degrees compared to last year's -668. I didn't notice a single person's digital cameras succumb to the cold this time around.
figzphoto PRO 7 years ago
I took a total of 3 photos this weekend... I was handling for two teams of dogs... fun stuff.
behrensp 7 years ago
I went to the start with a nice new camera and had a blast. I missed most of the marathon start due to the crowd. Anyways, I'm relatively new to town....and photography; but, if anyone knows someone or someone's dogs in my pictures I'd be happy to give them to the deserving mushers.
Did anybody get ANY pictures of BG Bib # 129. She's one of my FB friends from up here in Gheen, MN. Thanks in advance
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