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video tape -> dvd, local?

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peteSwede is a group administrator peteSwede says:

i thought this would be the most relevant place for this query.

i have 5 Mini-DV tapes of various family events that no one has seen since they're stuck on the original tapes. I have ripped them to my cpu but I sorta flew through the software setup and they're huge files that cannot be transported via disk (or other portable media) to my family in Seattle.

I'd like to drop the tapes off at a business and pick up some DVDs or similar with the videos on them. I did a quick web search and only came up with North Shore DVD, a business whose web-exposure is eclipsed by the existence of a movie titled "North Shore" (available on DVD) which is of course of little relevance here.

anyhoo, i'm calling the number i found for the place but still looking for suggestions.


11:44AM, 17 December 2010 PDT (permalink)

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Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer is a group administrator Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer says:

National Audio Video nationalaudiovisual.com/transfers.htm
92 months ago (permalink)

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peteSwede is a group administrator peteSwede says:

yea, i seem to always write up a question right before I actually find what i'm looking for.

called North Shore DVD, just some guy named Tony's cell phone.
called NAV, $25 per 60 minute tape, can be done by monday (wow, that's fast!)
called True North Color Lab, $32.50/every 2 tapes, 1-2 week lead time.

grr, there's fast and expensive, cheap(er) and slow. always the case.
92 months ago (permalink)

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edgeways is a group administrator edgeways says:

What fire format did they get ripped as? Sometimes you can find cheap/free file converter programs.
92 months ago (permalink)

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maxcaven is a group moderator maxcaven says:

I just did something like this for Karl, sept with 7d footage. If you want to drop the tapes/hard drive off I can convert and burn them for you. If you don't want to pay some business.

or to echo edgeways, you could probably download a 30 day trial of Nero 10, and use the included nero vision, to put that all on DVDs. It will convert and burn everything for you. You can even make neat menus.
92 months ago (permalink)

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