17th St Photo

enchanted afternoon [deleted] 3:42pm, 3 January 2011
Has anyone ever used 17th St Photo in New York? I read Yelp reviews and they have received mixed reviews. :-\
Stay Away. Always check,, are trust worthy sellers.

If you ever see camera bodies or lenses at heavily discounted prices, it's most likely a scam as those prices do not fluctuate unless the MFGR is offering MIR's.
edgeways 7 years ago
Have not used them, but there are a series of stores out of NY that seem to operate from the same bait and switch set up, for all I know they ARE the same store, just with different phone lines. I have NOT used them, but a few years back when buying a lot of lenses I did quite a bit of research on where to go... Yeah, the cheap prices certainly try and lure you from the tried and true, but there seems to be a significant amount of risk involved.
If you're not going to buy local, at least buy sensibility.
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 7 years ago
Thanks for your input guys. I ended up going to Roseville and hitting up the National Camera Exchange. Very pleasant experience. Scott was glad to hold the item (that is so hard to come by) for me.
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