Scuba Diving!

aback account [deleted] 9:55pm, 28 December 2010
Just wondering if anyone is a scuba diver and an underwater photographer around these parts?

If so, what are your favorite places to visit? :)
Puggus12 8 years ago
Im a scuba diver but have never taken a camera anywhere. Don't really have a great underwater camera.
aback account [deleted] 8 years ago
Where are some of your favorite places to scuba dive?
Puggus12 8 years ago
I love diving in the mine pits on the range. I have not had a chance to do lake superior yet. The mine pits are very awesome to dive in. The water is clear and there is always interesting stuff below the surface. I have also dove down in Cozumel Mexico in about three different spots and that was just amazing. Absolutly beautiful.
...Ryan 8 years ago
BC - before children, my wife and I would try to take a winter dive trip every year. We've dove in Cozumel, Costa Rica (Pacific Coast), Caymans (Brac and Little), Curacao, Florida, California (Channel islands). Locally, Superior - wrecks are fantastic but so cold. Gilbert and Crosby mines. Caymans is certainly a favorite (not Grand), but locally the Crosby mines are quite fun. Clear, warm if you stay shallow.

Shooting. I've rented a Nikonos V and a strobe on a couple trips. Really fun, as the shots tend to be better than what you remember. The strobe brings back the full spectrum of light at depth. Once you below about 30-50'(can't remember exactly) only the blue end of the spectrum is present. But when you hit stuff with the strobe the colors are stunning. Sadly its been almost 10 years since I've travelled to dive.
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