JustinSinks 6:39pm, 24 December 2010
Hey all, just a quick post. Ill put up some more info on topics a little later. If you have something yould like to talk about, comment below!
Captain Campion 7 years ago
cool i might actually make it to a meeting! yeah for new work schedule ... now i must write myself a note to remind myself....
cassandra1645 7 years ago
Hey guys - I was planning to make this but I won't be able to. I'll be all moved up to the area for the January meeting. See you then!
HBRstudios Posted 7 years ago. Edited by HBRstudios (admin) 7 years ago
I will be there. Topic: DPG exhibit at the DPI in April.

And: 4x Exhibit entries.
JustinSinks 7 years ago
YES 4x entries sounds like a GREAT thing, cant wait to see all of them up.
You will be missed cassandra7788, but next time!

I have a few things to bring up again. Heres a short review
photo opening at J Lydia on jan 7th
This months contest! (congrats Kip! See the winning image here:
Kip wins since he was the only one who entered. Think of a new theme kip!)
Discuss how to get more people involved in the monthly contest
Damn, Kip crushed the competition!
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