manley.josh 2:46am, 30 November 2010
I was recently willed a Zeiss Ikoflex Ia from my Grandfather...

Grandpa's camera

It seems to be in pristine condition, the aperture blades seem to work smoothly and they aren't greasy.

I went to First Photo and grabbed some 120 film for it and i probably wasted half of the exposures on testing it but I'm excited.

anywho...if any of you have tips please pass them on.

don't blow the
JustinSinks 8 years ago
you can kill a mugger with it.
It's a Zeiss, need I say more!
seriously, use it as a photo prop or a paper weight, I have 17 camera's in my office that work, but are paper weights...
K. Praslowicz 8 years ago
seriously, use it as a photo prop or a paper weight

That saddens my heart. If everything works fine, no reason it should only be used as a conversation piece.

I spent the better part of this year shooting with a TLR and loved it. Start by studying the work of Vivian Maier for inspiration. She is sort of the new Queen of the Twin Lens Reflex.. I wrote an article about using them for Street Photography a while back as well. Might be worth a read.

Otherwise, there isn't much else to it. Focus the image on the Ground Glass and take the photo. No different in f-stop, shutter speed, sensitivity between film and digital. Just use your existing knowledge. Assuming you know how to use a camera beyond P mode.

Now for the bright side...

While I've never had First Photo process traditional black & white negatives, don't be surprised if what you get back as prints is very underwhelming. Back when I did let labs do my black & whites, I was never able to get prints back that illustrated the good quality of the film.

My belief is the horrible lab prices, combined with asstastic results is what keeps many photography from seriously keeping film in their toolbag.
manley.josh Posted 8 years ago. Edited by manley.josh (admin) 8 years ago

It's a Zeiss, need I say more!

Am i wrong in thinking that one of the oldest and most respected lens manufacturers make good stuff? I understand this isn't the most expensive camera and i'm not going to put down my 7D for paid shoots but I figured it would be fun for playing around.

I wrote an article about using them for Street Photography a while back as well. Might be worth a read.

I like the self promoting and yes, it was a good read. On another note I would like a poster sized print of that zombie picture!
Josh, you will have fun shooting with that camera. That isn't exactly a cheap camera and it is in pretty dang good shape too.
You know, this does mean you actually have to take pictures though, right?
K. Praslowicz 8 years ago
like the self promoting and yes, it was a good read

Even better is the sand kicking fight in the comments between Jason and some other guy.
manley.josh 8 years ago
@ Shawn...Shut your face. Why don't you go to another show without me and we'll talk :P

@Kip...I just finished reading that. I agree with all comments that are fetus related. I am particularly fond of Jason's brand of sarcasm!
@Josh, I remember FBing your wall when tix went on sale. You never responded.
fragile existence [deleted] 8 years ago
I heard josh hasn't moved beyond the $ mode on his 7D - I mean why would you?

Josh, I'd love to give your new toy a little loving if you aren't up to the task.... :) I need something to keep me company these days anyway.
manley.josh 8 years ago
@Shawn...::hang head in shame::

@Sarah...My 7D only has a $ mode. My mom told me that if i keep playing with my toy I will go blind...

She never mentioned anything about others playing with it though... :P
Just play with it till you need glasses Josh....
Hambone Lewinski 8 years ago
I had no idea there was an "R" in Scattergories. By gum.

Josh, like Kip said, I strongly encourage you to develop and scan those negatives yourself. I will gladly volunteer Kip's (excellent) scanner.

Presuming that there aren't any light leaks (the foam seals may be shot, but they're usually easy to replace) and that the shutter speeds are correct, you have an excellent camera.

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